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The TalkSex with Gabriela Rosa™ podcast is launching soon! Welcome to the place where reproductive health, science, education, self-discovery, love, and lust meet.

Be notified about the launch by adding your details below and when you do you, also take the opportunity to tell us what content you want us to bring you!

Join Harvard University awarded scholar, author, and researcher, Gabriela Rosa to explore the nuances of sexual desire, pleasure, and satisfaction in the context of partnered relationships with brand new and unrestricted conversations that break through the taboos, scripts, and misinformation that for so long have dominated sexuality.

And because we also believe that mind-blowing, multiple orgasms are the birthright of every woman alive, we explore the ‘how tos’ on this and many other topics as well.

Big Love,
Gabriela Rosa

MPH (CLE) (cand.), MScM (RHHG), BHSc (ND)
Sexuality & women's health researcher, fertility specialist, author

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