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Fertility Challenges

17 Years TTC “.. our result 8 months or so after finishing the challenge”

FB Testimonial_14-day-challenge-made-a-world-of-difference

Fertility Challenge Made a World of Difference

Cannot believe this after all my struggles!

"…trust the system because results have proven that this program works…"

"…chemicals and their effect on the endocrine system…"

"…so much power is taken away when you're out of control of your fertility.."

"…Thank you for your empowering videos that challenge me to learn & improve…"


“I now believe that I can take control of my own fertility”

Biggest Learning Curve

My biggest learning curve…so many minor factors


I have so many more minor factors than I could have ever conceived


My biggest learning…that I cannot do this alone


I have learned to change my mindset


Understanding Blood Work Results


Totally changed my fertility journey

"…knowing that I’m not alone and amongst a great group of supportive people…"

Maybe I wasn’t meant to have kids

lost almost 10 lbs in less than 2 weeks

fertilitychallenge_testimonials_feeling-empowered-supported-and-thankful for fertility challenge

Feeling Empowered, Supported & Thankful


Act like I’m pregnant to be pregnant

" have lost 7kg…my husband lost 10kg…"

"…Diagnosed with PCOS…told I only had a 10 percent chance to have kids…"

"…the ugly truth is I'm a heavy smoker…"

Fertility Challenge Seriously Changed my Life


Based on feedback from another patient who is now pregnant

"…started thinking about how I needed to be in control of my body.."

thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope once again_14 Day Fertility Challenge testimonial from Facebook

“Thank You for Giving me Hope”

“Way to many chemicals in my home”


Outstrip the others in information, application and access to yourself

Fertility Challenge FB Testimonials _things I didn't know I didn't know

"I have learnt an awful lot – the things I didn’t know I didn’t know’

"You have opened my eyes, heart and mind"