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Success Stories Shared on Facebook

I conceived first try after doing Gabriela's program

Got this great news this morning!

"…we conceived naturally after five and a half years trying…"

“We did Gabriela’s 120 day program…I am now pregnant naturally.”

“Gabriela’s Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program is one of the most rewarding and empowering things that I have ever done

“…after 5 long years of trying …my husband and I are now 9 weeks 5 days pregnant!!!”

“We are 5-6 years in our TTC journey and Gabriela is the best investment we have made.”

“Such a wonderful news! I’m also due in April after 2 yrs TTC”

“So with many tears of happiness… eternal love and gratitude for the amazingness of Gabriela Rosa…”

“I love this forum, thank you Gabriela! Every day I am inspired encourage and educated!”

Guess What? My BFP is here

“…can’t say thank you enough to this community for support and Gabriela for her knowledge and program that I believe allowed us this miracle!!”

“Thank you!!! I wish you were located somewhere in the U.S.”

“Welcome to Day 30 of The Fertility Nutrition Challenge!”

“Lovely to connect with beautiful people going thru the same thing…”

“ Thank you everyone, and especially Gabriela for sharing all your wisdom with us making such a wonderful community for us all.”

“There are so many things that have changed since this challenge… one major thing would be menu planning for the fortnight.”

“Welcome to day 20! Today is all about taking a moment to look back & celebrate your accomplishments so far!”

“…am 8 weeks pregnant now very happy and thank you again for your advice and help you rock!!!”

“I am 12w5d pregnant!! So simply learning about you and your ways was good luck for me, thank you!”

“I am 12 weeks pregnant! Gabriela asked me to report in with an update but I haven’t wanted to announce until the 12 week mark.”

“Well, Gabriela and Ladies, I’m finally 10 weeks pregnant naturally with a big strong heartbeat and horrific morning sickness.. ”

“Hello Gabriela! We really appreciate all the information that you give us! You are a God send!”

“B- Pro-tain shake smoothie with lady finger banana, organic blueberries, scoop of LSA/Chia seeds & rice milk.”

“I’m really struggling with how I feel right now… I received the joy of a positive test only to be informed yesterday that the pregnancy was abnormal.”

"I have already seen fantastic results !”

My little man. Dreams really do come true.

My little man! Dreams really do come true

The infertility journey is frustrating, physically and emotionally draining

“Simply put, Gabriela is incredibly passionate about what she does and is a genius in her field.”

“Surely in the time that you have liked this page, whether it is for a day or week or a year you would have seen the massive amount of information that Gabriela has so freely and happily given.”