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“By May I was pregnant with my daughter”

Before Working with Gabriela

Hi! My name is Amanda. My husband’s name is Alex. I’m living in Hong Kong, and I chose to participate in Gabriela’s program about 3 years ago.

Back then, I was suffering from multiple miscarriages and I was devastated. I happened to go online and see Gabriela’s program, so I called to make an appointment with her, and I met her over Skype actually. From then, we bonded and just started talking about what happened to me and why I was having recurrent miscarriages.

When I met Gabriela 3 years ago, I had actually lost triplets. I got to 19 weeks of my pregnancy, and I had a cervix issue and I lost my babies. I can’t even describe what that devastation felt like. After I lost the triplets, I had again IVF and I had another miscarriage. Then I did IVF again and it didn’t work on the third time. There was no heartbeat when I went in for a scan.

I had a really hard time processing why I couldn’t have a child and it was when I met Gabriela, I really understood about supplements and about how they can help my egg quality and foods to help my body.

Since Working with Gabriela

I really didn’t believe that I would actually have a baby so quickly after following her program. I literally met her at the beginning of the year, and by May, I was pregnant with my daughter.

That’s not a long time, considering everything I had gone through years ago and how many miscarriages I had back to back. Nothing can describe what it’s like to have a baby when you really don’t think that you’re ever going to have one or that you’ve been miscarrying and no one can really guarantee if you’ll have one.

Gabriela put me on an amazing natural fertility program with vitamins and herbs and just gave the knowledge that I needed to teach me how to heal my body and to teach me how to have a strong and healthy body so that I could get pregnant. It was a lot of work. It was a lot of dedication for both my husband and I, but I chose to do it day in and day in and I nourished my body with the foods that she told me to. I took all of the supplements, all of the vitamins, and I basically did everything that she asked.

I then came to Sydney, and I did IVF here and it worked on the first round. My egg quality was so healthy compared to 3 years ago. I needed minimal drugs because I was in such a healthy state and I prepared my body and I got pregnant on the first go with my daughter, Abigail, who’s now 16 months.

I’m ready for number two and again I’ve been following everything that Gabriela has been telling me to do and I know that the outcome is going to be great. It was very hard 3 years ago to be in that state and be so devastated and always wonder if I would ever have a baby and just listening to Gabriel and trusting everything that she told me.

It proves true and my daughter is such a healthy, happy baby because my egg quality was healthy. My husband’s sperm was healthy. We both did it together, and my husband and I are both forever bonded from being so healthy and dedicated to create our child together.

Anyone that comes through Gabriela’s door or speaks to her on Skype is so lucky because I can guarantee that you will just be a better person for having learned the knowledge that she teaches you and your future family.


About Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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